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Education in Ireland

The Irish education system provides consistent and high-quality education through all levels of the school system. The majority of schools in Dublin are State-funded, and therefore free to attend. In terms of international schools, a number of school choices exist in the Dublin area which operate with an international ethos.

Some of the key attributes of the Irish school system include:

  • Centrally devised curriculum, which facilitates equity of opportunity for all students.
  • Integrated provision for children of all abilities, religious beliefs, and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Broad choice of schools at all levels.
  • Highly professional teachers.
  • Commitment to meeting the highest international standards.

The official languages of Ireland are English and Irish, with English being the language of instruction in the vast majority of schools.

Access to the labour market

Ireland has a growing economy with sustained job creation which provides excellent employment opportunities for spouses and partners of Agency staff. Dublin provides a wide variety of high-value employment opportunities both with foreign direct investment companies and in Ireland’s strong portfolio of indigenous companies.

Ireland’s economy is in the fifth year of continued robust and sustainable economic expansion, and has been the fastest growing Eurozone economy for the past three years.

Ireland is home to a broad and diverse range of industry sectors creating large numbers of high value jobs in fields such as information and communications technology, financial services and life sciences. Ireland is well positioned to be a leader in convergent areas of research such as big data, energy efficiency, health innovation and cloud computing.

Ireland continues to welcome people from a wide range of countries who come here to work.

Access to social security:

Spouses and children of Agency staff who take up residence in Ireland will automatically become entitled to avail of the Irish social welfare system on the same basis as an Irish national, and will be treated in an identical manner.

The social security system in Ireland is managed and adminis­tered by the Department of Social Protection. A key account manager will be identified by the Department to provide a dedicated employer support service to the families of Agency staff.

Access to medical care

Everybody who is ordinarily resident in Ireland, including the spouses and children of Agency staff, is entitled to access public healthcare services, including public hospital services.

Children aged under six are automatically entitled to general practitioner services free of charge.

Health and wellbeing outcomes of people living in Ireland have improved significantly over recent years. People living in Ireland have consistently recorded high rates of self-evaluated good health.

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Ireland is one of the best places in the world to do business. International companies are attracted for a variety of reasons. The facts speak for themselves.