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Education is an important concern for every parent and it is a huge consideration for relocation of the EMA and its staff and of the families involved.

The EMA may be considered as a single, movable organisation with its staff sure to follow regardless of its relocation, but the reality may be quite different. The people who work in the EMA have many other considerations than just where and when they might need to look for a new home – will their partners easily be able to move as well? Will their children find places in schools or nurseries as good as if not better than where they are now in London? Are there choices of quality international schools? These concerns are as important as any other factor for those faced with the proposition of relocating their lives with the EMA.

It is not a surprise that Dublin is ready to welcome the EMA’s junior family members; no other city in the European Union offers an education system so similar to London’s and, in many respects, one that proves to be even better.

The structure of the Irish education system follows an identical pattern to that in the UK: primary education, secondary education, and higher education. The primary education system in Ireland provides a holistic education, and the curriculum is designed to nurture the child in all dimensions of his or her life – pastoral, moral, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical – and to prepare the child for further education and lifelong learning.

As a child moves through the junior and senior years of secondary education, innovative and independent active learning is encouraged and young people experience a wide range of opportunities depending on their individual focus on academic, technical, or vocational subjects.

Young people can choose to learn a wide range of international languages. This choice of a range of languages that may be learned while also matching London in offering English as the primary learning and working language will ensure an easier, less stressful transition for all those involved.

The Irish education system provides consistent and high-quality education through all levels of the school system. The teaching structure places just as much emphasis on breadth as it does on depth. This willingness to focus on both scope and detail is recognised in world class feedback in the Programme for International Student Assessment 2015 (PISA) results for literacy of 15 year-olds: Ireland came 2nd in Europe, and 5th globally – compared to the UK, coming in 12th and 22nd respectively.

Ireland’s tertiary education similarly offers a multitude of options and is again globally renowned. These range from well-regarded national institutions such as University College Dublin and Dublin City University, to world famous universities, such as Trinity College Dublin. The opportunity to attend these prestigious seats of learning, home to famous alumni such as Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, and Jonathan Swift, offers an experience which is hard to match. Moreover, Trinity College came within the top 1% in the QS World University Rankings for next year, showcasing its world-class education.

The best decision for the EMA relocation must involve a seamless transition, whether in terms of business continuity or peace of mind for employees and their families, with children being the most sensitive to change. Relocating to Dublin will allow EMA staff and their families to adjust with ease and enjoy a high quality of education and life - just another piece of the puzzle slots into place.

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