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With Brexit moving closer on the horizon, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) must soon find a new home. And, of the many European cities that have already thrown their hats in the ring, Dublin is the best suited to host the agency.

Factors such as transport, housing, healthcare, education, business continuity and life sciences expertise are all likely to be factored into the decision on the EMA’s relocation from London, and Dublin scores highly on all these criteria.

A city’s quality of life, however, is an aspect often overlooked in such important decisions, but this can be one of the most vital factors in retaining staff in large-scale relocations. In this regard, Dublin consistently features at or near the top in happiness surveys and rankings.

A 2016 survey conducted by recruitment website measured five different elements of a person’s job: work-life balance, quality of management, office culture, job security and advancement, and compensation and benefits.

In this survey, Dublin scored highest in Europe in terms of job satisfaction, with Ireland ranking 4th overall globally. The survey highlighted the importance of location and the correlation between job satisfaction and work-life balance - an area in which Dublin excels.

London’s City A.M. newspaper recently listed the top 10 European cities where workers are happiest: Dublin took the top spot, and was the only city to rank higher than the EMA’s current home. City A.M. also listed the top 10 countries in the world where workers are happiest, with Ireland in 4th place and Spain in 9th being the only two EU countries to make the list.

So when it comes to happiness and work-life balance, Dublin is a market leader. Maybe it’s the beautiful city, the warm hospitality, or the generous spirit at the heart of Irish life, work, and culture. Whatever it is, Dublin has it, and the EMA’s staff are welcome to share it.

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